Rymice – peasant buildings

The Museum of Kroměříž District administers the area of peasant building craft monuments of East Haná Region in Rymice near Holešov at the foot of Hostýn Highland. Village houses reconstructed in the 70`s represent the style of living and housekeeping in this part of Moravia in the last two centuries.

Visitors can observe house interiors equipped with traditional kitchen, sitting room and manufacturing room inventory. You can also see a village saddle maker`s workplace and an old forge with hearth and forger`s tools. A German-style windmill, whose blades are adjustable according to the wind direction by rotating the whole building standing on a bearing construction called „beran“ (platen), was brought from nearby Bořenovice and reconstructed in the 90`s. The speed of rotation can be regulated by adding or removing so called sails, i.e. wooden plates hung on the blades of the windmill. All of the houses in this area were built with the help of the traditional technology of a wooden cabin finished with clay plaster or they were built with unburnt bricks; roofs are covered with thatch. (Village forge is due to fire security reasons covered with a slate roof.)

The following expositions are available:

  • From the Village History – from the stone axe to the iron ploughshare and Pictures from the History of Rymice
  • Follow the Wind – About windmills in Moravia and Silesia
  • Furrows of the Time – look in the history of peasants in Haná district


No. 104 - House of the guide

No. 64 - The Vymětal house

No. 6 - The Klimeček house

No. 62 - The Potůček house

No. 14 - The Gaja house

No. 65 - The Symersky house

The wind-mill from Bořenovice

No. 116 - The village forge

The stronghold

Opening hours

April, May, September
– only Saturdays and Sundays

June, July, August
– daily except for Mondays

Duration of the sightseeing – approx. 90 minutes,
Sightseeing starts at: 9.00, 10.30, 12.30, 14.00, 15.30


adults 40,- Kč
children, students, retired 20,- Kč

families 80,- Kč
(2 adults and children over 15yrs)

school classes
20,- Kč per child, accompanying person free of charge

20,- Kč per child, accompanying person free of charge